Dec. 5th, 2015

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Q: What's all this about?
A: This is an interest and recruitment post for Disgaea Valor, a game that, as it sounds, is a Disgaea game run in the tabletop system Valor.

Q: What's Valor?
A: A system that uses grid-based combat and emphasized character customization, flexibility, and rewards you for being ridiculous or over the top - perfect for Disgaea, in other words. (If you don't have a copy, you can be provided a PDF once the game starts, as long as you don't share it or use it outside of this game.)

Q: And how is it going to be run? Like, how will we be playing this?
A: In Roll20, an online client for tabletop games. Free to signup and works like a charm - I've been using it to play tabletops for a while now, and I ran my last game in it.

Q: When are you planning on starting?
A: Once my current tabletop ends. I have a little over a month's worth of content left. But I want time to get planning on this game, so thus!

Q: What can you tell me about your planned Disgaea Valor?
A: I'll be aiming for the same feel and tone as the games. The characters will all start off as low-level demons (or whatever, there's always room for humans, prinnies, angels, and other races in Disgaea games) and work their way up to ridiculous powers. (You won't actually be reaching 9999 in system, but you might in character.)

Since every Disgaea takes place in separate Netherworlds anyway, so will this one. Brand new Netherworld, brand new characters.

Q: I don't actually know anything about Disgaea. Tell me about it!
A: Disgaea is a tactical-RPG franchise heavily inspired by anime. Every game takes place in a Netherworld where demons live under the rule of an Overlord, generally the most powerful demon in that Netherworld. Angels exist in a place called Celestia, and humans usually make appearances, whether they be from a fantasy world or modern Earth, although most of the time the focus is on the demons. And although demons have a skewed sense of morality, the good guys of the games aren't out-and-out evil so much as good-masquerading-as-evil.


Fill this out losers

1. What name/alias do you go by?
2. What's your plurk username!
3. What days/hours are you available? (Keep in mind this will be starting in January.)
4. How canon familiar are you?
5. Character concept? Feel free to brainstorm here, too.
6. Anything you want to see in the game? (This'll help me plan stuff once I get the game rolling.)
7. What present do you want for your winter holiday of choice this year?


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