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Q: Say what now?
A: This is a recruitment for Adventures in Ooo, a tabletop RPG based on Adventure Time and run in Fate Accelerated.

Q: What's Fate Accelerated?
A: Fate Accelerate is a tabletop RPG system based on the Fate system but (even more) streamlined. It's set up for a faster pace, which works well for Adventure Time's episodic and fast-paced style! There's less of a focus on skills and what specifically you can do and more on how you do things.

Q: But how are you gonna run it?
A: It'll be run out of Roll20, an online tabletop client. Signing up is required, but it's also free.

Q: Tell me more about Adventures in Ooo!
A: Adventures in Ooo will be set in the world of Ooo, but on a separate continent with original characters, kingdoms, creatures, and adventures. It'll keep the thematic elements and general feel of the canon material, though. Expect a lot of adventures, craziness, and character-driven drama.

From a player perspective, to keep in mind is that due to its episodic nature, we can have a rotating cast, running games even if everybody can't make it a certain week. (I think this is a big draw, okay? Schedules are hard.)

Q: Okay, but I don't really know about Adventure Time....
A: Adventure Time is set in a magical land called Ooo, which is (spoilers) actually Earth centuries after nuclear war decimated the world and left magic in its wake. There's a lot of inspiration from Dungeons and Dragons and other fantasy conventions, but with its own twist of zaniness and randomness. There's a Candy Kingdom run by an immortal bubblegum princess, for example. The plot tends to be a mix between outside adventure and interpersonal character problems. (Really, you should go watch it though.)

Q: What do I need to do to get into this thing?
A: Reply here with a few simple answers!

1. What name/nickname do you go by?
2. Your plurk username (I'm bad at keeping track of these okay)
3. How familiar are you with the canon?
4. What's your availability? (Feel free to note what's preferred within that as well.)
5. Character concept? Just something general is fine, but feel free to brainstorm on here if you want too.
6. Anything you want to be included in this corner of Ooo? (What's needed for your character to work, what you just want to see included, whatever. If your character is Pond Princess, there should probably be Lake Kingdom or something, for example. This is just to help me brainstorm ahead of time. Feel free to get back to this later.)
7. What's your favorite candy?
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