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This is me gauging interest in one of two different Fate campaign ideas. The idea is to figure out which one to go with and, while I'm at it, pinpoint exactly what players would want from either. You do not need to have an idea of what character you'd want to play or what days you're available: this is just to figure out what to go with and what to plan out.

All of these would be run in roll20, an online tabletop client. Check it out here.

If you're interested, please respond with which game (or both, that is cool too) you'd be interested in, and answer the questions for each - not being able to answer (or not having a preference for) each question is fine, but the more we figure out what people want from each game the better.

The ideas are as follows:

ADVENTURE TIME run in Fate Accelerated

-Set in Ooo during canon more or less, but in a whole other part of the planet that hasn't been touched on (original characters, kingdoms, etc.)
-Episodic nature makes it easy for people who can't make it every week (we can run a rotating cast of sorts)
-Potential for zaniness and heartfelt drama
-D&D-inspired adventures with a twist

1. How familiar are you with canon?
2. What would you be looking forward to the most in this game? (The kind of tone, adventures, etc. you prefer and enjoy the most in Adventure Time.)
3. Should there be a unifying "lead character" or "every character is a main character"?
4. Is there anything BESIDES zany madcap adventures and quests you'd want to be included?

MAGIC GIRL ACADEMY run in a modified Fate Core

-Set in an original world
-Run in a modified Fate Core with a magic system in place
-School life of the magical wizarding variety
-The setting will definitely be a boarding school, but most of the rest is up in the air
-That said, I do want it to be a "modern day" setting, but beyond that...
-You get to help shape what kind of world it is! That's cool, right?

1. What kind of magic system should it be? Rigid with set rules, or fluid and freeform? Does everybody learn the same kind of magic, or is it unique per person? Is it separated into schools, or run by magical themes?
2. That said, is there anything you'd FOR SURE want to be included in the magic system? For example, magic runes, ice magic, etc.?
3. How is magic treated in the world? Is it hidden from the world and existing in secret, a la Harry Potter, or is it out in the open? How widespread IS magic?
4. What sort of general "tone" do you want from this game? Super serious, somewhat silly? A lot of action?
5. Anything in particular you want to see in the school?
6. Is there anything not covered in the other questions that you REALLY want in this game? Dungeon-diving, flying airships, romance? Whether it's something in the world or a general idea, throw it out here.

Feel free to suggest other questions you think should be covered and I'll amend them in. Otherwise, have at it.


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