Feb. 29th, 2016

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There once was a man named Gold Roger, whose infamy earned him the title of Pirate King. He lived the ideal life of a pirate, right up until his execution. Even there, he smiled. "The Age of Pirates is just beginning. One Piece awaits at the end of the Grand Line, and whoever finds it will find everything the world has to offer."

It's truly the golden age of piracy now, as his words inspired countless pirates to take to the seas in search of fame, wealth, and power.

This is Gold Roger's legacy. Where do you fit in?


One Piece Valor will be run in the Valor roleplay system. It's grid based combat with flexible character creation, focusing on anime style combat and rewarding good roleplaying. A pdf will be provided for purposes of playing the game if you don't have the system (you should buy it though it's great.)


I'll be looking for five players to play as good natured pirates, seeking adventures on the high seas. Expect lots of action and copious amounts of personal drama.

Times I'm looking at (all EST):
Tuesday, after 6
Wednesday, after 6
Friday, after 5
Sunday, before 7


Fill this out losers

1. What name/alias do you go by?
2. What's your plurk username!
3. What days/hours are you available? Which do you prefer?
4. How canon familiar are you?
5. Character concept? Feel free to brainstorm here, too.
6. Anything you want to see in the game? (This'll help me plan stuff once I get the game rolling.)
7. What's your favorite anime opening?


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