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There once was a man named Gold Roger, whose infamy earned him the title of Pirate King. He lived the ideal life of a pirate, right up until his execution. Even there, he smiled. "The Age of Pirates is just beginning. One Piece awaits at the end of the Grand Line, and whoever finds it will find everything the world has to offer."

It's truly the golden age of piracy now, as his words inspired countless pirates to take to the seas in search of fame, wealth, and power.

This is Gold Roger's legacy. Where do you fit in?


One Piece Valor will be run in the Valor roleplay system. It's grid based combat with flexible character creation, focusing on anime style combat and rewarding good roleplaying. A pdf will be provided for purposes of playing the game if you don't have the system (you should buy it though it's great.)


I'll be looking for five players to play as good natured pirates, seeking adventures on the high seas. Expect lots of action and copious amounts of personal drama.

Times I'm looking at (all EST):
Tuesday, after 6
Wednesday, after 6
Friday, after 5
Sunday, before 7


Fill this out losers

1. What name/alias do you go by?
2. What's your plurk username!
3. What days/hours are you available? Which do you prefer?
4. How canon familiar are you?
5. Character concept? Feel free to brainstorm here, too.
6. Anything you want to see in the game? (This'll help me plan stuff once I get the game rolling.)
7. What's your favorite anime opening?

Date: 2016-02-29 08:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] mindread_it_all
1. Kaja Rainbow
2. kajarainbow
3. Sunday before 7 is fine and preferred for me. Wednesday after 6 is doable too.
4. I've read up to partway through the arc Crocodile appears in. This is a good chance for a reread, though.
5. Dorky girl who's eaten the SizeSize fruit, giving her the ability to change the size of herself and parts of her body like her hand (if this hasn't been done already in the manga, I haven't read all of it). Basically with a Boost that gives her Increased Size or something appropriate to go with miniaturization.

Or alternatively a mermaid of some kind, probably with attack pets (Companion build). Land shark? Update: I'm thinking of going with the mermaid. Kinda a bossy dork, all out to prove herself, but shows much affection for those that follow her and likes being a heroine of justice.
6. Honestly, I'm excited just to be playing a game taking place on the open sea. Update: I want a mermaid rival who taunts my mermaid over her inability to hack it in the mermaid kingdom.
7. I don't recall. Utena opening, maybe?
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Date: 2016-02-29 08:49 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] froncentration
1. Minki/AOB

2. Froncentrate

3. I'm interested in the Sunday game especially, but I can see about managing either Tuesday or Wednesday.

4. Fairly canon familiar. I'm a little vague on the specifics of the early series, but I have a good gist of the plot and arcs.

5. Strongest character concept: a scatterbrained postman from an ancient civilization who ended up eating a Zom-Zom Fruit. Similar to Brook's Revive-Revive Fruit in that it preserves the soul and keeps it bound to a body even after death. The Zom-Zom Fruit's limitation is that the soul is kept intact only as the body is. Its user immediately dies when there's nothing left of their body. This rule can be abused by someone clever enough who finds pieces to replace lost body parts, "refreshing" the user's link to the world. The user's body isn't particularly picky about needing an exactly identical replacement allowing for even chemeric modifications.

They were trapped under a rock or so that was deemed haunted by the local townspeople till something or another happened that shattered it or pushed it away. As they returned to the surface world, having missed out on probably centuries of history, they realized that they remembered nothing about their past. After all, it's been ages. Who can be bothered to remember what happened centuries ago?

Having forgotten their past and their identity, their only clues to their former life are their postman uniform and a single mysterious letter marked with someone's initials. The zombie postman re-committed themselves to their job and made it their mission to deliver this one envelope in the hopes that doing so would illuminate who they were. Neverminding the fact that the person who the letter was addressed to could be long dead.

Difficult to get angry, but messing around with their letter is an easy way to do that. Traveling with the crew, finding focus with a group of comrades, seem like an ideal way to get them to where he needs to be, hence them teaming up with the party.

By necessity, the postman acquired surgical skills after the first few times misplacing a limb or two. Probably knew someone who taught them after fixing them up. They have enough anyway to maybe qualify them as the crew's doctor.

The postman would maybe be a str/agi character skilled with close quarters combat.

6. Will update as I think of something also, but lots of action and opportunities for rebellions would be just up my alley.

7. Seven Deadly Sins had a killer song that I liked.
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Date: 2016-02-29 08:50 pm (UTC)
prof: (Default)
From: [personal profile] prof

1. Prof
2. [plurk.com profile] ProfessorProf
3. Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday all work for me. Wednesday is a maybe, and only if Badge joins too.
4. I've read everything up through the start of New World.
5. I ALREADY WROTE UP A WHOLE CHARACTER AND BACKSTORY AND SHIT FOR THIS, basic version: Extreme lazy girl who puts off work whenever possible, but then has a few key topics - such as somebody's personal freedoms being threatened - that she's willing to work herself to death to fight for as a contrast to her usual lazy self. Has an involved, extremely tragic backstory that ties into it, has a Devil Fruit that lets her turn into slime. Possible roles on the ship: First Mate, Chef, Boatswain, Carpenter. Possible builds: Str/Spr, Str/Guts, Spr/Guts.
6. Narratively, already talked to you about this. Mechanically: Will there be a custom Flaw for Devil Fruit users to represent their water vulnerability? e: What about DBV-style delayed leveling?
7. Can I use four OPs if they're all in one video
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Date: 2016-02-29 09:17 pm (UTC)
anonasu: (Default)
From: [personal profile] anonasu
1. Kasu
2. [plurk.com profile] kaosblaze
3. Mondays after 5, Tuesdays after 7, Fridays after 5, Saturdays after 7, Sundays before 7. I think Friday would be my most preferred time slot.
4. I've read up to the Doflamingo fight, but I don't remember much of it. I can always do a canon re-binge if need be.
5. Initial brainstorm gives me a hammy, hot-blooded chef (think Toriko) who uses spice blends and sauces to augment his brawler fighting style. Sails the world in pursuit of some legendarily rare ingredients to create "the ultimate meal".
6. Nakamas. Nakamas everywhere.
7. Nichijou OP 1 will always stand out as my favorite.

Date: 2016-02-29 09:25 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] vehrec
1. Vehrec

2. [plurk.com profile] Vehrec, come on, you know dis by now.

3. What days/hours are you available? Which do you prefer? Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday all work. I can even swing Friday, though that will give me two games that might potentially overlap for an hour or so.

4. I still need to re-read this and do everything post-timeskip.

5. I'm thinking about a clock/time obsessed navigator character who has a very exact sequence of attacks thank you and will not deviate from it for any reason. Possibly ate Tick-Tick fruit or Tock-Tock fruit, though that is less important. Definitely more slave to time than master.

6. At least one adventure that is resolvable entirely via Challenges, no combat necessary, though potentially combat optional.

7. I'm fond of the original Slayers openings as I recall, though I haven't watched them in a long while. Fifth-season Sailor Moon was good too.

Date: 2016-02-29 10:21 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] comradequestion
1. Comrade
2. [plurk.com profile] gipsydangeresque
3. I'm available pretty much whenever, though weekdays may be a little iffy. Friday or Sunday would be ideal.
4. Read the first few chapters, up to Sanji's intro. Pretty familiar with the mechanics of the setting, though.
5. I've got a few concepts running right now, eventually gonna settle on one depending on what gets in:
-Ship's marksman, a real old West gunslinger-type. An Ex-Marine more interested in running from their old unit than they are with any of this pirate business. Fiercely independent, yielding to their own personal code of honor. Tries very, very hard to sound cool, usually fails spectacularly. Either Agi/Mnd or Agi/Spr
- Fiddler crab fishman shipwright, dedicated to crafting the finest vessel to ever sail these sparkling seas. Naive and impressionable, with a big heart and a lot of passion for his work. Probs a Mnd/Guts build, focused around protecting the ship and its crew and creating terrifying contraptions on the fly.
- Apprentice navigator, eater of the Ghost-Ghost Fruit, allowing her to see and interact with the spirits of the dead. Urged on by the soul of their sleazy pirate uncle, who died in search of One Piece. Quiet, timid, and easily distracted. Definitely a Companion-based character, probably Spr/Agi
6. Dastardly villains with dumb gimmick powers and lots of sweet loot
7. Wait, shit, is it too late to change my mind?
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Date: 2016-03-02 03:19 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] dragomorph
1. What name/alias do you go by?
- Badge
2. What's your plurk username!
- Dragomorph
3. What days/hours are you available? Which do you prefer?
- Friday and Sunday are best. I try to make a call home to my folks around 9:30 CST on Sundays, note.
4. How canon familiar are you?
- Relatively!
5. Character concept? Feel free to brainstorm here, too.
- Basically Kensou Serizawa from the Fate game. I am truly an original person. (For those unaware: basically a counter-monkey doctor with bandage powers from the Wrap-Wrap fruit. I want my storyline resolution damnit)
6. Anything you want to see in the game? (This'll help me plan stuff once I get the game rolling.)
- See above. Obviously it's not the exact same deal, but I'd love to reintroduce his backstory and see it get resolved one way or the other.
7. What's your favorite anime opening?
- This is a trick question and I refuse

Date: 2016-03-02 04:05 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] robodorable
1. Incardine!
2. NekoIncardine
3. Friday evening (5ish PST/8 EST on), Sunday anytime, and Tuesday evening are good days. Wednesday evening is decent.
4. Very minimal, have reviewed a few concepts via wikis.
Concept 1) I have a character from a different game, a perky vampire ninja, who I want to bring back into use, obviously AU'd to suit One Piece.
Concept 2) Weather-magic Miko. Not too developed beyond that.

6. Anything you want to see in the game? (This'll help me plan stuff once I get the game rolling.)
7. What's your favorite anime opening? Fullmetal Alchemist (2003)'s "Ready Steady Go!"


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